Earn CA$H for helping your friends find their dream job!

If you know someone who would be a great fit for one of our clients, send them our way and we will pay you if they are ultimately hired. Yes, it really is that simple. You earn a few bucks, and your friend might just find the job of their dreams.

How Does it Work?

  1. You view available jobs at the top of the page
  2. When you find a job you feel you have a great candidate for, you contact them for approval, and then fill out the Refer Now form
  3. We contact the candidate
  4. We refer the candidate if we see a fit
  5. The client interviews the candidates they are interested in
  6. The candidate is hired
  7. You receive your referral fee once the candidate stays employed for the duration of their guarantee (usually 90-days)

Get paid

Salary up to $50,000

$ 1,500
  • 1 Job

Salary - $51,000-$75,000

$ 2,500
  • 1 Job

Salary - $76,000-$100,000

$ 3,500
  • 1 Job

Salary - $101,000+

$ 5,000
  • 1 Job


We pay you as soon as soon as your referred candidate completes their guarantee period which is usually 90-days. We will wire you the money or send you a check if you prefer.

You will be given credit if your candidate is hired for any of our clients’ jobs if they are placed by us for up to 1 year from the time you initially referred them.

If the same candidate is submitted for the same job, but from more than one source, we will look at the time stamp of the submissions to determine who submitted the candidate first.